Monthly Archives: October 2015

Benefits of Dressing Your Cooks in Chef’s Whites

It isn’t hard to walk into a fine dining kitchen and be able to point out the chef. The chef should be dressed in a white jacket. This jacket is not used to make a fashion statement, but instead, it is used to distinguish them from the rest of the kitchen staff. A traditional chef’s jacket is white and can ...

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Unlock the value in unpaid invoices

Do you need to unlock the value in your unpaid invoices now? If your invoices aren’t overdue, but you do need the cash to grow your business as soon as possible, working with an invoice finance company could be the solution. So, what is invoice financing? In invoice financing, a financier lends you the money you need whilst your waiting ...

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How to Set Up a Business Display Table

So, you’ve decided on a trade show or exhibition, arranged transportation and worked on your sales pitch … now what? If you’re sure that your business display table is missing something that makes it stand out from the others, there’s a good chance you’re correct. Most people struggle to set up an effective display table because they simply don’t understand ...

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