7 surprising aspects which could have the car insurance to be invalidated

The spiraling expenses of motor insurance is said to leave many car owners to become uninsured drivers. It is not only these people who may be left without any insurance coverage, but also any person for that matter and he might not even know about it! Few reasons have been cited for it and during those unfortunate times, the car insurance will not just pay out. Trying to compare car comprehensive insurance before buying a new policy or renewing the existing one can help the car owner to have a fully covered insurance policy.

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Surprising ways by which the motor vehicle insurance could be invalidated

  • Car is upgraded: In case, the insurer is not notified about the vehicle’s upgradation, then the car insurance may become invalid. Besides applying to obvious things such as enhancing the engine size, it also may apply to other things like having alloy wheels fitted to the vehicle.

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  • Being in arrears with the installment plan: The car owner needs to ensure that all the insurance installments are paid on time and kept track of. This is because, even a single outstanding payment could have the car insurance to be invalidated immediately.
  • Allowing expiry of MOT: In case, the vehicle is not taken for the MOT, then it might not longer be insured. The reason is that lack of having valid MOT will be viewed by insurers to be indication of the vehicle not being roadworthy and is likely to contravene the motor vehicle policy terms and regulations.

Allowing expiry of MOT

  • Using the vehicle to perform business and make profits from it: The small print present on few policies is to be checked out. It is essential to understand as to what is classified as business usage and what is precisely not. The insurance on few motor policies would not have the person covered for using own car for driving to business meetings. Few insurance policies might not even cover the person for his daily commuting.
  • Leaving behind the keys inside the vehicle: It could be that the person might simply forget to take the car keys along with him and leave it behind in the ignition sometimes. If the insurer comes to know that the key of the vehicle is left unattended, even for a single minute, the person is likely to be uninsured.

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  • Sharing the car: In case, friends or neighbors are taken along to work and being paid for it, then the insurance provider would take it as an indication that a taxi commuting service is being run. If money is being made from car sharing, then the motor insurance policy is likely to get invalidated.
  • Not following road signs: Road signs if ignored and damages occur to the vehicle in such a circumstance, then the insurance policy would not cover the expenses.

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Knowing the reasons for the motor insurance policy to get invalidated is something that every car owner is to be aware of. The best available auto insurance policy is prudential guarantee car insurance.