Ways to Help Kids Get in Shape

Childhood obesity is one the rise. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the number of children who are considered obese has doubled in the last 30 years, and the number of obese adolescents has quadrupled. In 2012, the CDC says that more than a third of all children and adolescents in the United States were considered overweight or obese.

You don’t have to wait until your child is overweight or obese to take action. You can start encouraging healthy habits from a young age, including teaching your children healthy eating habits and promoting plenty of exercise. In particular, here are a few things you can do to encourage your children to get in shape:

Help Kids Get in Shape

Karate Classes

A lot of kids love karate. Even young kids associate karate with ninjas and crime fighters, and they think of the practice as exciting and fun. Plus, learning karate will make them feel special when compared to their peers since they will know an art that not many other people know well.

Enrolling your children in Kids Karate  school in Toronto will teach them fun skills while also helping them get healthy physical activity. The classes will teach them skills that they can practice long into adulthood. They could go on to become martial arts experts. But even if they don’t, they can still get started on a life-long journey of fitness.


Maybe your kids aren’t interested in karate. There are probably many other sports that they might enjoy, and their school probably offers many of those opportunities. Baseball, softball, football, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, cross country, swimming, and track and field are all popular team sports that are offered at schools throughout the country.

Talk to your kids about what they find interesting, and encourage them to sign up for one or more of those sports. If the school doesn’t offer the right sports, sign your child up for a local team. Just like karate classes, sports can help your children discover a life-long passion or create healthy exercise habits.

Personal Trainer

Hiring a fitness trainer isn’t just for adults. Personal trainers can also work with children. They can lead children of all ages in exercises that are fun, helping to establish life-long healthy habits. These routines won’t be like the cross fit you might be thinking of for an adult — they will focus on fun activities like dancing, running and games that will get kids moving while they also have fun.

Instilling healthy habits right from the start is important to not only helping your kids maintain an appropriate weight, but also to avoiding the health problems that can come from being overweight or obese, such as heart disease and diabetes. Try enrolling your kids in karate or sports classes, or sign them up to work with a personal trainer to learn these skills early. You can also encourage healthy movement at home by playing outside together.