Ways to get your Toddler Some Exercise

Toddlers tend to be fidgety by nature, but that doesn’t always mean that they get the exercise that the need.  It’s important to make sure that your energetic tot is occupied and doing some physical activity as they get older to ensure you have the right habits and practices in place.  We have put together a list of ideas as to how you can get your toddler moving.

Get Outside

No matter what the weather looks like, make sure you go out with your toddler.  The fresh air is great for them – so make sure you go to the park or playground where they can jump or run around.  If the park is a little far away, why not play a game of tag or something in your back garden?  Or take them out on their tricycles or play mini-tennis. It’s always a good idea to stock your garage or shed with toys to keep them active.

Build Activity & Fitness into your Day

Even when you are completing everyday tasks like going to the shop – then try and build fitness into their day.  You can take them out of their pram or buggy and let them walk some of the way and explore.  Other simple things you can do are park a little further away from the store so that you can get them to walk a little more before they get there.  You can also encourage them to take the stairs rather than a lift or escalator.

Choose Screen Time that Encourages Activity

There is no doubt that you will need to allow for a certain amount of screen time in this day in age.  However, you can use this to your advantage.  You can choose DVD’s that will get them up on their feet or dancing.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with the odd Disney treat – but make sure you mix it up with more active options.

Make things Fun

There are lots of ways to inject some fun into your toddler activities.  Toddler trampolining for example is a great way to get your tot moving and exercising without them even noticing.  It will get things away from a couch potato lifestyle and will make things a bit different.  You can also think about other activities such as swimming, gymnastics and more.

Be the Example for your Kids

If your kids see’s that you don’t do any exercise, they may feel that this is the best way forward.  They should know the importance of moving about from you.  This means that you should always try to incorporate family activities such as walking and hiking as part of your life, and maybe do some playgroups where you meet other Mum’s in your neighbourhood.

If you are worrying about keeping your toddler fit, or aren’t sure as to how to get them out and about – then hopefully this list will put you on the right track.

Image: Pixabay