Choosing and Taking Care of a Commercial Refrigerator for Your Home

There are many reasons to use a commercial model of refrigerator at home. These appliances are incredibly durable, highly accurate at temperature control and come in a wide range of designs. You can better store food at consistently cold temperatures due to the commercial cooling system. They also resist wear and will last for decades. Here are some ways to choose and take care of a commercial grade or restaurant refrigerator.

Number of Doors

Start by figuring out how many doors you want on your refrigerator. Commercial models come with anywhere from one to eight doors depending on the design. One or two doors are best if you want something similar to a conventional residential refrigerator. Three or more doors allow you to create zones in your refrigerator for food. Multiple doors also let less cold air out when you open the refrigerator.

Type of Doors

You can get a few types of doors when choosing a commercial model of refrigerator. Standard swinging doors are common and simple to use. Sliding doors can help you to save space in a tight kitchen area. The doors can also be made from solid, opaque stainless steel or a transparent material. Transparent doors allow you to see what is in your refrigerator without having to open it.


Refrigerators meant for commercial kitchens come in two general heights. Tall refrigerators are what you would normally see in a home kitchen. They stand around five feet tall or higher. You could also choose under-counter refrigerators that are much lower. These will fit under your kitchen counter like a dishwasher. A final option is a low refrigerator with a stainless steel work surface on top to add more counter space to your kitchen.

Interior Shelving

Check that any refrigerator you buy has enough interior shelving. You want at least three shelves. They should all be removable and adjustable so that you can fit whatever you need in the appliance. Avoid refrigerators that have locked-in shelving since this limits your options.

Temperature Displays and Controls

Something you can find in a commercial refrigerator is a temperature display. This is a digital or analog readout that shows the exact temperature inside the unit. You really want this feature to ensure your food is being stored safely at all times. You should also look for a refrigerator that has simple and accurate temperature controls that let you precisely set the coldness by degree.

Taking Care of You Refrigerator

Caring for the commercial variety of refrigerator is easy. Use bleach or a vinegar and water mixture for cleaning. Take everything out and unplug the unit to let it warm up a little. Remove the racks and soak them in a tub with some cleaning liquid. Spray and wipe down every interior surface. Dry the surfaces and put everything back inside the refrigerator. Clean once a week at least and deal with spills inside immediately to preserve your refrigerator for as long as possible.