How to Keep Your Heating System in Good Condition During Winters

A good heating system will allow you to keep your house warm and comfortable even during those freezing winter nights. But, you need to ensure that it is in good working condition throughout so that you do not have to spend the night in cold if the heating system breaks down or do not work the way it should. A heat pump will pump heat into your home during the winter months and do the opposite during the summers to keep your house cool. Thus, a heat pump is an economical and an investment for any home. If you are thinking of installing a heat pump in your home or already have one, you need to be extra careful and understand a few important things about taking care of it during the colder months. Even though there is no guarantee that your heat pump will not break down or last the entire winter months, with proper care, you can ensure that it is in good working condition and will at least give you some sort of sign to tell you that something is wrong.

Good Condition During Winters

  • All heat pumps come with air filters through which the heated air circulates in your house. They also remove the germs, airborne contaminants, toxins and allergens to make sure that your family is not inhaling them as they can make people ill. They are an important feature of the heat pump and should be looked after properly. These air filters will catch the germs, but cannot dispose them off. If your filter is filled with contamination, it can stop working properly and force the system to work stronger putting a strain on it. Thus, it is important to keep changing the air filters.
  • The furnace in the heat pump is produced in a chamber and then distributed across the coil to different parts of the house. Thus, this design provides good heating and is efficient. The dust and the contaminants in the air then settle around the coil causing it to work inefficiently. Thus, it is important to remove all the debris and the snow around the outdoor unit as well as the ducts to increase its efficiency and put less strain on the furnace.


  • Before the onset of winter, it is advisable to hire a contractor to clean the coil and the air filters. It will also help you to avoid the nasty smell that might come once you turn on the heat pump for the first time. In addition, the contractor will check and clean all the parts to ensure that your heat pump works efficiently throughout the winters. While most companies recommend annual maintenance for the system, it is important that you get it done just before the winter is to arrive.

You need to make sure that your heat pump is in full working condition before the winters by asking the contractor to clean, maintain and repair any part of the system so that you will not have to worry about when it will be chilly outside.