How to use Furniture to Showcase your Property

The choice and positioning of furniture is vital in creating that first impression that’s so critical in real estate. If you find yourself wishing to project the best image of your property, the following are important considerations when selecting and arranging your feature pieces.

Furniture to Showcase your Property

Use the correct pieces of furniture

Consider your audience and what they would be looking for in a home. You want to use pieces of furniture that inspire these dreams, and appropriate statement pieces are your go-to solution for this.

If your furniture is looking a little worse for wear, then consider ways you can dress it up. A simple throw or some scatter cushions can do the trick by adding a touch of colour and demonstrating homely versatility.

In contrast, overbearing pieces – such as dark bookcases in a light interior – can actually detract from the look of the space, and would be better off removed. Look around your local area fora furniture rental business to help you select appropriate furniture, should yours be lacking that wow factor and overall cohesiveness.

correct pieces of furniture

Position the furniture appropriately

The aim here is to showcase the versatility of the space so arrange furniture to open the room up, invite the viewer in, and demonstrate all living possibilities. This can be done with feature items positioned accordingly, and them smaller pieces to continue your desired theme.

Think carefully about how you angle and organise big items such as tables and sofas, and how far back against the wall you push them. Try to create a flow, to guide the viewer through the home and help them imagine themselves interacting with the space. If the space is open plan, try to group furniture in certain zones according to different areas such as a dining area, a living area and a cooking area.

Position the furniture appropriately

When picked and positioned correctly, furniture should draw viewers in and help them visualise themselves living there by opening up the space and furthering your clean, neutral theme.