Top a c repair tips to keep your costs down

When summer hits in full force, your AC repair costs can increase dramatically since the unit has to work overtime to ensure your home remain cool. According to U.S Department of Energy, heating and air conditioning in your home takes approximately 43% bite from the monthly utility bill. The extra load subjected to the AC unit may be the main reason for an increase in the costs and it may cause severe damage to some components of the unit.

But, you can follow these five tips to reduce the AC repair costs during summer.

keep your costs down

Improve the plantation around your home

During summer, most heat that is felt inside the house comes from the sun directly onto the roof or through the windows. Planting a leafy plantation or trees around the house can help stop the sun rays from reaching inside the house. You can have some trees and shrubs a few meters away from the ac unit to provide it with a shade. This can boost the AC’s efficiency by about 10%.

Create a shade for your AC unit

If you happen to be in US especially during summer, the heat is intolerable and in full force. Creating a shade around your ac unit will be a broad step in ensuring that the unit can operate at cooler temperatures and reduce the workload for the ac system.

shade for your AC unit

Schedule a regular maintenance routine for the AC unit

Just like human beingsneed a regular health check-up from their doctor, so does anAC unit.This can be done by a qualified technician to ensure that everything is working properly. Such regular maintenance checkups allows the specialist to identify minor issues that could elevate to bigger problems and repair them. The repair cost is cheap as compared to when the ac unit is left unattended.

Clean the AC filter regularly

This should actually be done monthly. Keep the air filters free of dirt, dust, and debris for more airflow. Creating more room for airflow reduces the work load of the unit and it can run smoothly without worrying about expensive repair costs.

Clean the AC filter regularly

Don’t attempt to repair high-risk failures without the consent of a professional

While a regular DIY on your ac unit can be a good maintenance routine, some problems may be beyond what you can handle. For example the evaporator coil may fail completely. It is your work to summon a certified AC specialist to look at your AC system. As a home owner, you may not have the knowledge to detect the actual problem and if you do, it is hard to do a replacement if there is any.

Such repairs can expose you and your AC to danger especially the harmful liquids.

Well these tips will help your air conditioner last even longer and serve you more efficiently. Similarly, these ac repair tips will save you thousands of dollars that would have been spent on unnecessary repairs.