What Sets Manned Guarding Apart from Other Security Options

Security is important for every business and property but not all security options are the same. Manned guarding is the most effective of all security options because it serves as a better deterrent, allows for immediate response, and offers a broader scope of protection. Other security options such as live video or alarms are limited in how much security they can actually provide, especially in the moment of an actual incident. Manned guarding is the preferable option in order to maximise security and protection.

Apart from Other Security Options

More Effective Deterrent

Criminals, thieves, and trespassers are less likely to be deterred by security alarms and video cameras as they are by security guards. The invention of fake alarms and video cameras has made both options less of a threat to criminals. In addition to being mistaken for being fake, alarms simply alert the criminal that they have a limited time to commit the crime; it does not necessarily indicate that there is an immediate consequence. In fact, alarms serve as a mere warning but not a complete deterrent. Similarly, criminals know that video cameras are not always monitored. Moreover, they believe that if they are well covered and hide their faces, they still have a good chance of getting way with the crime because their identity will not be revealed. The most effective solution for a deterrent is a security guard.

Seeing an actual guard is a major deterrent for criminals. A guard indicates that criminals are less likely to get away with crimes and that they may even be approached or apprehended. Most criminals know that they cannot take on a certified guard, and so they turn away upon seeing one. Another reason criminals typically steer clear of properties that have guards is because guards are an indication that other security measures are being utilised as well. Criminals assume that if there is a guard, there is also an alarm system and cameras as well. The combination of surveillance options is a major deterrent for criminals.

security alarms

Immediate Response

Alarm systems and video cameras cannot provide an immediate response to the burglary and other incidents. At best, alarm systems can contact the police immediately but it would still take the police time to arrive at the scene. The response time for video cameras is even more delayed. Unless someone is continuously monitoring the television screens, video cameras may be less effective when it comes to offering a response. Cameras are usually most helpful for evidence but do not provide any major assistance in response time.

On the other hand, security guards can respond immediately. Security guards have the training to intervene during burglaries and other crimes. They also have the skills to de-escalate situations and apprehend criminals until police arrive. Security guards significantly increase the likelihood of an immediate response and can altogether prevent a crime from occurring. In the middle of a crime, security guards can prevent situations from escalating or resulting in major damage.

Alarm systems and video cameras

Broader Scope of Protection and Service

A major limitation of an alarm system is that it can only provide an alert when an incident has actually occurred. Whilst cameras can offer a broader scope of surveillance than alarm systems, the broadest scope of protection is provided by security guards. Security guards can do everything that an alarm and camera system can do whilst also providing additional protection. Guards can intervene and prevent situations from getting out of hand, and they can also provide other types of services.

During emergencies, guards are trained to offer first aid and assist in keeping staff, clients, and victims calm. Being able to prevent panic and injuries is an invaluable service that security guards can provide. A security guard in Birmingham can be the help you need to ensure that your business is safe and well protected.

Broader Scope of Protection and Service

Active Monitoring and Accurate Alerts

Video cameras are only as effective as how often they are monitored and checked. If monitoring is not continuous, video cameras may not be of much assistance and only serve as a mild deterrent to criminals. Alarm systems are more active than cameras, but they may not always be triggered or accurate. False alarms occur frequently with alarm systems, which can be frustrating and inconvenient. Additionally, if police are dispatched due to a false alarm, companies may still be required to pay for the outreach. Alarms also do not go off until criminals step onto certain areas. They can still do damage to the property or steal items without the alarm ever going off.

On the other hand, security guards are more active and engaged than video cameras and alarm systems. Security guard companies can provide 24-hour live surveillance. Security guards can also secure areas that alarm systems and video cameras do not cover. For example, they can catch criminals as soon as they come onto the property instead of having to wait until they break and enter. The continuous live monitoring offered by security guards provides the highest quality of security. Security guards are less likely to prematurely activate alarms as they will have an opportunity to scan carefully the scene prior to making emergency calls.

Another benefit of security guards is that they can change their routine and keep it constantly updated. Alarm systems and cameras have patterns that criminals can pick up on during casing and observation. Security guards are trained to alter their patterns. They can switch up their routine in order to be less predictable. This can prevent criminals from being able to plan and plot how to commit crimes. Being unpredictable is a great deterrent for criminals as they will not be able to figure out the best way to get onto your property.

Security alarms and video cameras are much easier to disarm than security guards are. Criminals who are privy to technology can easily take down an alarm system or cameras but not a security guard. Security guards are trained to provide superior security and protection that far exceeds that of alarms and cameras.