What to Look For When Choosing an E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Any search online will quickly tell you that there are a variety of e-cigarette start kits available to you. Depending on your previous knowledge and what you’re looking for, what should be in your starter kit may vary from what the next person should find in theirs. Below we’ve provided you with some information on what to look for and how to buy start kits and e cigarettes online so that you get the best vaporising experience possible.

What You May Find In Your Starter Kit

E-cigarette companies create their very own vaporising kits which they think cater to their target demographic. Before you begin your search for the perfect kit, it’s important to first have a handle on some of the common terminology used in the industry:

Choosing an E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Atomizer: This is the heating element that vaporises the e-liquid. These may be available in “low” or “normal” resistance. Low produces a stronger vapour, while normal produces a smoother vapour

Battery: These come in a variety of sizes and mAh (milliamp hours). The lower the mAh, the shorter the life of the battery.

Clearomizer: This is the “body” of the e-cig. It contains the atomizer head as well as the silica wicks which draw the e-liquid from the e-cig’s tank and into the atomizer.

E-Liquid: Coming in varying levels of nicotine and flavours, this is the liquid that is placed into the clearomizer (or cartomizer) and is vaporised and enjoyed by the e-cig user.


Tank: Often also used as a general term for a cartomizer or clearomizer system, the tank is a plastic container which can be refilled with e-liquid. It typically also comes with a mouthpiece.

Now that a few common terms have been covered, you’ll be best able to determine which type of starter kit is most appropriate for you and your needs.

For Beginner Vapers

You know you want to switch to vaping, but you’re not sure how to make it a successful experience. To ensure as seamless of a transition from a traditional cigarette to smoking an e-cigarette, your ideal starter kit should include:

For Beginner Vapers

  • Two e-cigarettes (when one needs charging, you’ll still have one available for use)
  • Replacement coils
  • Charging devices
  • User manual

Many beginner kits will also include one or more sample flavours to get you started.

For Budget-Wise Vapers

Several companies offer a smaller kit than the standard beginner kit for those who may not have a whole lot to spend on e-cigs, or for those who aren’t sure if it’s right for them. Most of these kits include two items:

For Budget-Wise Vapers

  • One e-cigarette
  • One charging device

For Stylish or Advanced Vapers

Apart from the two more basic beginner kits, there are also more advanced starter kits that individuals can choose from. These kits may include:

Stylish or Advanced Vapers

  • Advanced clearomizers
  • Better batteries that last longer and take a shorter period of time to charge (they often also have battery colour options)
  • More replacement coils (typically a pack of 5)
  • More flavours (many of which are limited edition or rare)